Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Just a little colour test for a repeating pattern I am working on... before you say anything I am fully aware that this section does not repeat as it is, it ain't finished so cool your jets.

This one is named 'dirty custard'



Copy and paste the link above into your address bar and go check it out, my article is in print with the fabulous people at Twohundred by 200 magazine... Issue 3 is jam packed with interesting features and articles as well as some cracking up n coming artists, illustrators, animators, designers and writers to keep your beady little eyes on.


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A glimpse at the sketchbook

I tend only to post the finished article so I thought that I'd start uploading some snaps of sketchbook pages and work in progress... Check out Ben Rothery Illustrator on Facebook for more examples of this... you don't need to have an account...
The following pictures are for a repeating pattern I am designing for Treat me boutique in Yeovil run by the spectabulous Chloƫ Savidge... It's going to be a wondrously ornate and over the top celebration of British Wildlife, and will feature no fewer than 12 separate elements... watch this space