Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Shark of Saunton Sands

Hello Everybody,

Do you want the good news or the very good news?

I have completed all the roughs for the Shark of Saunton Sands and I'll be scanning some of them and uploading them over the next couple of days... And the Finished images over the next week.

You lucky devils you!


Monday, 8 August 2011

Something Sentimental

See, I do have a soft side


Right for some reason that I don't fully understand, Wonderful Blogspot doesn't want to post my links so here are the links for the post below... you'll have to do a bit of copy and paste but Im sure the anticipation will make it all the more exciting for you.

hire an illustrator:

BenRotherIllustrator FB:

Etsy shop:

and for those of you who aren't aware, you can follow my ramblings on twitter too!/BRillustrations

Big love


Whats been going on

Well, Its been a while I know and lots and lots of things have been happening so I thought I'd pop along and share a few of them. As always, for more detailed update on whats been happening in the world of me then pop along to the website and check out the blog there.

Firstly there are the greetings cards... You've seen some of the birds, you've seen the owl below and presumably you have been giddy with excitement wondering what its all for... so, heres a sneaky peek. They're all sort of vintagey and wondersome, hand drawn borders and some lovely background textures combined with my detailed drawings of birds and animals... Enjoy!

New web presences.... oooh, aaaahhh, exciting
I finally got round to setting up a facebook page.... I know, I did it all the wrong way round, I've had flikr, the website, this blog and twitter but I've finally done it... added a facebook page to the Rothery media empire, so here it is


I also went and set up that esty shop I've been wittering on about, theres not much on there atm but rest assured I'll be updating it a bit more every time I get a chance.

I have signed up for Hire an Illustrator... let see whether that throws up some work shall we...? check out the portfolio below.

I am working on a children's book... all a bit hush hush but I should be allowed to pop up some roughs by the middle of next week... so watch this space.

Thats all for now lovely people.

xx Ben