Monday, 17 May 2010

book jackets

I've been making some book jackets, borrowing benedict mayer's expertise in lino to teach me

It has been an interesting excersise, stressful but really interesting if you havn't checked out his stuff then you should.
The top image was my entry for the penguin design awards, It is for Partick suskind's Perfume, the idea of the image is of Grenouille moving through the press of humanity a sinister figure, hunched over bowed under the weight of his hatred, the composition is meant to add to this feeling. the figure's around him are turning away, as though afraid of or at least made uncomfortable by him, the area above the figure's is their scent, something which Grenouille lacks. I was pretty happy with this and with the way I added colour with the typography and made the copy interact with the image.
The seconf image was something that started life as a brief at Uni but I decided to use the image I had created of a man as a monsterous beetle, for Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis and to turn the image into a book jacket. The idea of Gregor Samsa horrified by his transformation into this hideous creature and his inability to comunicate any more is conveyed in the vomit of beetles as he tries to speak. I chose to leave some of the plate tone in the vertical streaks and print the image with a red background to suggest blood / creeping dripping walls. I wanted it to give the image a claustrophobic feeling which I think I achieved.
Once again, I have Benedict to thank here for his help, He chose the font I used and helped me with the layout, couldn't have done it without you mate.... And don't worry, I havn't forgotten that I owe you that steak dinner, you can collect any time.

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