Monday, 4 April 2011

One Hundred Years of Solitude continued

Here we go, the composition is sorted, I think I have about a day's worth of playing with the background, adding a few bits and bobs and colouring the central bird a bit more.... ok and the adding of the blurb and other copy to thew jacket, BUT... I am nearly there I think, Thoughts?


  1. Credit must be given to Georgia Plaskow for her suggestion to swap the toucan and the Hoatzin round... much better, thankyou x

  2. This is absolutely beautiful and perfect for the book - I love the paper background, and the birds have so much character - are they water-coloured or digital paintings?

  3. Hey man, I can't believe I only just saw this... Please don't think I am rude, I'd have replied if I'd seen your comment... They are actually neither. they are pen and ink drawings... the coloured bird is pencil and then a digital painting over the top...