Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Shark of Saunton Sands

Hello Everybody,

Do you want the good news or the very good news?

I have completed all the roughs for the Shark of Saunton Sands and I'll be scanning some of them and uploading them over the next couple of days... And the Finished images over the next week.

You lucky devils you!


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  1. Hey Benjamin, Greetings from Seattle.This morning I Decided to do a bit of surfing to see if I can find some "good art"landed here. I went to Art School back..ohh way back! I was "obsessed" with drawing the figure. I admire your passion for movement, line, and mostly your enthusiasam for what you love to do. And you do it well., but you already know that don't you. For an Old illustrator (snicker) as myself it is getting harder to find that place of extacy in my craft.,but you have helped me to remember~ Thank you! Shelly