Thursday, 12 April 2012

Last Post

Hello, first off, my apologies for the somewhat misleading title of this blog entry... this is in fact the penultimate blog post...

I am abandoning blogger and going over to Tumblr as it is more interactive and I do like interacting with people...

I shall leave you with two things, one being my most recent work 'Dirty Custard' (just the fragment, if you want to see the who

le pattern, you're going to need to go on Facebook) and the other being the weird, backhanded compliment I received last night...

"Hi ben, your work is beautiful... I saw some of it on a blog somewhere online and searched you out... I was surprised to discover that you are in fact a man, I had assumed from the delicacy of your work that you would be female..."

There will be one more post which will contain the address of my new tumblr account...

In the meantime you can follow my ramblings and scribblings on Facebook or Twitter

Twitter: @Brillustrations
FB: Ben Rothery Illustrator

Love Love


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